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Nursery/ Toddler Program

Kindstart's nursery/ toddler program is dedicated to foster a love of learning into our children's hearts. To help to foster and build their self confidence and independence. our program includes: active learning through drama, exploration discovery and play. our children learn to socialize and respect others both by practice and by example. 

NYC Free Pre-k for all program 

Operates monday-friday 8:30am-2:50pm 

Kindstart's pre-k for all program follows the NYC common core curriculum. children will learn actively through discovery, experimentation, group activities, play, drama, physical activities, story time, arts and crafts, sensory play, music, dance and culture. 

After school tutoring for ages 4-6

Kindstart's afterschool program runs from 2:50pm-6:30pm, monday- friday and most holidays when public schools are closed. 

-children receive a healthy snack

-children's activities

-arts, crafts, dance

-group activities

-tutoring in primary math, reading and writing skills.

Summer programs July 1st through August 14th

-healthy meals and snacks included

-full or part time hours available


-theme weeks

-character visits

-sand/water play 

-music, dance

-arts and crafts

-tutoring in math, reading and writing for ages 4-6

-speech delay, ABA, OT sessions available for ages 2 and 3.

Please Call Kindstart at: 

718-621-5382 to arrange a tour or to discuss any of our programs.

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